Manufacturers and suppliers of chemical biocides & disinfectants

Quat-Chem is a UK based chemical company specialising in Preventive Hygiene technologies.

We are manufacturers of industrial chemicals and formulated hygiene products meeting the needs of a diverse range of industries.

Through our constant investment in research and development and by enjoining chemistry and enterprise we deliver innovative solutions to our international markets.

Benzalkonium Chloride & Biocides

Quat-Chem are known in the chemical manufacturing industry as biocide manufacturers. Quat-Chem are one of two remaining UK manufacturers of Benzalkonium Chloride, supplying solutions in 50% and 80% industry standard strengths. As biocide manufacturers, we are able remain flexible and responsive to our customers’ requirements, and can supply benzalkonium chloride solutions or custom blends tailored to specific industrial applications.
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About Quat-Chem

An Introduction to Quat-Chem Ltd and our Disinfectant products
Quat-Chem are known in the industry as suppliers of biocidal raw materials and as disinfectant manufacturers. Quat-Chem’s Benzalkonium Chloride solutions are manufactured in the UK. As a chemical industry-approved Benzalkonium chloride manufacturer, Quat-Chem supplies Benzalkonium Chloride solutions in bulk directly to the hygiene product industry, and through Europe’s major distribution groups. Benzalkonium chloride is a quaternary ammonium compound with particularly favourable potency, safety and environmental characteristics. This allows broad industry-wide usage of Benzalkonium Chloride solutions, ranging from a preservative and biocide in skin contact pharmaceuticals, to a biocidal active and cationic surfactant in the formulation of oilfield chemicals. As disinfectant manufacturers Quat-Chem provide cost effective, economic solutions to assist customers in meeting their specific industrial challenges. Our scientists are continuously involved in tailoring products to specific customer requirements and developing new formulations to meet ever-changing global demands. All Quat-Chem’s hygiene product formulations are tested in accordance with European and UK microbial test standards ensuring efficacy against pathogenic, food spoilage and other organisms of relevance to specific industries. Meeting your requirements through our investment in research and development is an embedded philosophy within Quat-Chem which has resulted in bringing about innovative product and solutions, which have served to underpin the growth of the Company. Quat-Chem have built up an enviable reputation within the industry for international trade. Through our constant investment in research and development and by enjoining chemistry and enterprise we continue to diversify and deliver innovative solutions to our international markets. Our strong geographic representation in high-growth markets across the world, and our commitment to research and innovation places Quat-Chem in a strong position to satisfy its customers’ requirements in a wide range of industries or markets.