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Quat-Chem is known in the chemical industry as a manufacturer of biocidal raw materials and disinfection products.

Benzalkonium chloride (BKC) is a cationic quaternary ammonium biocide manufactured by Quat-Chem in the UK. BKC has particularly favourable potency, safety and environmental characteristics, and enjoys an exceptionally wide range of applications, from preservation of pharmaceuticals to biocide activity and cationic surfactancy in the oilfield industry. Quat-Chem is an approved supplier to major international distribution groups, and supplies directly to formulators of disinfection and hygiene products worldwide.

Quat-Chem has also developed a range of formulated biosecurity products which are increasingly recognised and trusted in the dairy, poultry, livestock, and food processing industries to keep environments clean and safe. Quat-Chem aims to provide cost-effective solutions to assist customers in meeting their specific industrial challenges. Our products are regularly reviewed and tailored to specific customer requirements and to meet ever-changing demands of the global industry. Products are tested in accordance with European efficacy standards to ensure strong performance against pathogenic and food spoilage organisms. Through our constant investment in research and development and by enjoining chemistry and enterprise, we continue to diversify and deliver innovative solutions to our international markets.

In December 2016, Quat-Chem was acquired by U.S.-based Neogen Corporation. Quat-Chem’s product development activities and its manufacturing capabilities in Europe provide a complementary fit to Neogen’s expanding global biosecurity business. The importance of biosecurity is internationally recognised as critical to safeguarding livestock health and food safety. The demand for safe, performance-tested disinfection products offers considerable potential; with Neogen’s expertise in biosecurity and its global reach, Quat-Chem products have increased opportunities in new markets around the world. To read the full Press Release, click here.

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