Our Vision

Through our commitment to research and development we will provide only innovative solutions which meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow and ensure we are recognised as a leader in our field of preventive hygiene technologies, thereby delivering considerable value for our customers and sustainable growth for the Company.

Our Values


We strongly believe that our word is our bond and that the relationships we create are critical to our success and must be trust based. Integrity in all that we do is imperative, and must be reflected in our commitment to excellence, quality, product solutions, confidentiality, promises, ethics and moral standards in our dealings with our people, customers, joint venture partners, distributors, representatives, agents, suppliers and more.


We take ownership and are accountable for our actions and their consequences. Whilst due to our continuous innovation we have within our business matters that are commercially confidential, we nevertheless seek to ensure we are open and transparent in our dealings with all.


Our highly qualified, dedicated and talented people are forever looking at ways to innovate and improve all that we do. Their creativity, in conjunction with our partnerships, and our continuous investment in research and development, underpins our technological innovation which serves to power our success.

Passion for the customer

Our customers and distributors are also our partners, with whom we collaborate to maximise the value of our technology innovation and product solutions. It is essential that we retain their loyalty; the business we do with, and through them is the lifeblood of our company. We are passionate about providing them with solutions and a level of service that exceed their expectations.

Keeping it simple

We recognise that most systems, processes, mechanisms and technologies work best if they are kept simple rather than made complex, therefore simplicity in that we do is a key goal, and unnecessary complexity should be avoided. In some uses, simplicity can be used to imply beauty, purity, or clarity. We like that.

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Quatchem - Pioneers in Hygeine Technology