The EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) (518/2013) should not be confused with REACH, and covers only biocidal products (products which are claimed/intended to exert an effect on harmful organisms).  All suppliers of active substances (substances which exert an effect on harmful organisms) must be registered with the ECHA and listed on the BPR Article 95 list. Formulators can only legally place biocidal products on the market containing active substances sourced from these suppliers. 

Biocides Review Programme

The active substances used in Neogen® products placed on the European market are included in the Biocides review programme.  This EU programme co-ordinates the re-evaluation of active substances which have been placed on the market prior to the BPR, and have been identified as needing further evaluation.  Formulated products containing active substances listed on the review programme, can be legally marketed for the Product Types supported under the review programme until such time as all review programme active substances contained within them are approved.  Once all active substances on the review programme that are contained in the product are approved, the product must be authorised under the BPR. 

Neogen keeps close attention to all its review programme active substances and formulations to ensure regulatory compliance and continuity of its customers’ supply chains.  Neogen purchases active substances in the review programme from reputable Art. 95 listed suppliers for neat and formulated products destined for the EU market.  Confirmation of supply letters are available upon request.

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