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Quat-Chem is a UK-based, chemical manufacturer dedicated to the production and supply of biocidal actives and biocidal hygiene products for use within a diverse range of industries.

Quat-Chem’s Hygiene & Disinfectant Product Ranges

Quat-Chem’s comprehensive ranges of bespoke specialised cleaners and disinfectants are tailored to demand, and provide effective and economic solutions for specific industry challenges. The following proprietary hygiene product ranges are designed to comprehensively address industry requirements:

Depending on the application, products are based on quaternary ammonium compounds, iodine, aldehydes, biguanides, phenolics and oxidative biocides such as hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. 

Quat-Chem’s high-level virucidal disinfectants are efficacy tested to ensure protection against the spread of infectious viral disease under intensive livestock agricultural conditions.

Hygiene Product Concentrates

Quat-Chem is also recognised for the development of stable, easy to handle, water-based concentrates for the manufacture of hygiene products. Concentrates are formulated using quality raw materials and quality tested. Products are easily diluted in water, enabling companies to rapidly expand their hygiene product portfolio. This provides significant benefits of economical international shipping, and dilution and packaging using locally sourced packaging and labour.

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Quat-Chem remains flexible and responsive to customers’ requirements, and can supply biocidal, hygiene and disinfectant products tailored for specific industrial applications or customer requirements. Our Technical Department provides a personalised and highly professional customer support service and our team of scientists are continuously involved in developing new formulations to meet ever-changing global demands within a diverse range of industries.

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