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The profitability of a dairy operation is decided largely by milk quality, milk volume, the cost of production (feed efficiency, veterinary costs and manpower costs) and market price for milk.

Dairy farm bulk tank somatic cell counts (BTSCC) are an international measure of the quality of milk for human consumption. Dairy cooperatives and food processors price milk based on low BTSCC which reflect dairy cow health and good dairy hygiene practices. Udder inflammation, infection and bacterial colonisation of milking equipment due to poor cleaning and milk storage conditions are factors that can contribute to high BTSCC.

Operational controls which can be used to ensure a consistently high quality and yield of milk and a high level of dairy hygiene:

  • Post-milking teatcare: the use of post-milking teat dips/sprays to protect abrasions and the teat orifice from invasion of environmental bacteria.
  • Pre-milking hygiene: a pre-milking routine should include the use of teat dips/sprays or udderwashes. Ensure teats are dried using individual towels before cluster attachment to prevent shedding of bacteria into milk.
  • Maintenance and operation of milking equipment: service regularly to eliminate factors that can cause udder infection, interfere with the action of cleaning chemicals and lead to bacterial colonisation of milking equipment.

The control of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis is essential in ensuring high dairy productivity. Management controls such as dry cow therapy allows management of mastitis cases through intramammary administration of medication. Appropriate isolation and treatment of mastitic cows prevents contribution of high individual SCC to herd milk count and prevents long term damage to the teats/udder and culling of dairy cows.

The Neogen® range of non-irritant teat care products with built-in teat conditioning properties are based on blends of iodine, lactic acid and chlorhexidine.

Routine dairy hygiene is essential to safeguard food safety, public health and animal welfare. Neogen’s comprehensive range of non-tainting practical dairy chemicals offer powerful cleaning solutions for equipment used in the handling, storage and transportation of milk.

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