Mastitis Causing Bacteria: Products for Prevention

Quat-Chem has developed a range of teat dips and sprays to assist with the killing, treatment and prevention of mastitis causing bacteria on farms. Studies* show that the use of teat dips can reduce incidences of mastitis by up to 95%. The Quat-Chem range was developed and is manufactured at our facilities in the UK.

Pre-milking teat sanitisers

Pre-milking teat sanitisers are designed to prepare the cows teats for milking by removing dirt and killing mastitis causing bacteria present on the teat. Synopure and Synofoam are Quat-Chem's products for use before milking. These products produce a superior foam for increased contact time and visibility on teats; and offer the flexibility for dip, spray or foam cup application.

Synopure 1:7, based on lactic acid and peppermint, is a concentrate for dilution 1-part product to 7-parts water.

Synofoam is a ready-to-use product based on lactic acid and peppermint, designed to provide a superior clean before milking.

Pre and post-milking dips and sprays

Quat-Chem's pre- and post-milking dips and sprays are designed for use both before and after milking. These products include high emollient content for optimum skin conditioning and pass BSEN 1656 tests.

Synodex is a vibrant teat product based on lactic acid, ideal for summer months. Synodex has a pleasant citrus odour and is available ready-to-use and in a 1:3 concentrate.

Synoshield, based on lactic acid, is a ready-to-use teat dip or spray containing peppermint and lanolin for superior skin conditioning.

Synodine is based on a blend of lactic acid and iodine. Tests have proven that Synodine remains active for up to 12 hours after application. Synodine is available ready-to-use and in a 1:3 concentrate.

Post-milking barrier teat dips

Post-milking barrier teat dips are designed to provide prolonged broad-spectrum protection of teat skin in between milking periods by forming a protective barrier over the teat. Quat-Chem's barrier teat dips also contain a specialised emollient blend, to safeguard skin condition. Synobarrier and Synofilm pass BSEN 1656 tests.

Synobarrier is based on a blend of lactic acid and iodine, with a superior emollient blend including lanolin.

Synofilm, based on lactic acid, is highly visible on teats, with a pleasant citrus odour.

* Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

Choose Quat-Chem to help you prevent on-farm mastitis

Mastitis: "udder infection, increased somatic cell count, mastitis causing bacteria, clinical mastitis and sub-clinical mastitis"

Quat-Chem develops products specifically designed, tested and industry proven to assist with the prevention of mastitis causing bacteria on farms. Contact Quat-Chem today for important details on the prevention of mastitis and for information on other products available for the dairy industry.

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