Lameness in cattle poses a significant threat to dairy farms and is a huge productivity and animal welfare issue worldwide. Lameness is an abnormality which can limit the cow’s ability to breed and stand long enough for feeding and milking.

Lameness can be caused by environmental, disease or cow management factors. White line disease, slurry heel, bruising/ulcers and digital dermatitis are the main causes of lameness in dairy cattle. Digital dermatitis is caused by anaerobic bacteria growing rapidly in poor hygiene conditions on farms. Digital dermatitis is associated with serious discomfort and painful lesions around the hoof, which can eventually lead to lameness. Damage to the foot is usually irreversible causing a marked decline in animal health, with milk output reduced significantly. 

Hoof disorders are preventable by active management controls and early detection of affected animals. Regular claw trimming, foot bathing; and a clean and dry environment are essential.

  • HOOFSHIELD: A powerful blend of biocides and hoof conditioners for safe cleaning and disinfection of hooves.
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