Bad hoof health is an increasing and expensive problem in intensive dairy productions all over the world. Preventive invertentions are important in order to obtain a sustainable production, both from an economical, and animal welfare aspect. Hoof disorders are possible to prevent by the correct management and early detection of affected animals; regular claw trimming and a clean and dry environment is also essential. Investment in prevention of hoof disorders is therefore profitable for the farmer. 

Fungicidal/biocidal washes such as Hoofshield are an integral component of infectious hoof disease control in free stall systems. Topical application of anit-bacterials such as copper sulphate, zinc compounds, and other disinfectants have been shown to aid the control of foot rot and digital dermatitis (heel warts). 

  • HOOFSHIELD: Bactericidal, virucidal & fungicidal hoof dip or spray for superior protection and detergent cleaning action.

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