Pre-Milking Teat Dips & Udder Wash

Preparation of teats prior to milking aims to clean and limit transmission of mastitis causing bacteria through the milking system and safeguard the raw milk supply. Pre-milking teat preparation should assist in stimulating milk let down, speeding up the milking process by attaining peak milk flow faster.


  • UDDERPURE 1:7High foaming udderwash concentrate with added peppermint
  • UDDERFOAM: High foaming, ready-to-use udderwash. Suitable to dip or spray for gentle cleaning
Pre-Milking Teat Dips (Not available in the EU)

  • SYNOFOAMReady-to-use foaming teat dip/spray based on lactic acid with added peppermint
  • PRE-GUARD: Ready-to-use teat dip/spray based on 0.1% available iodine
  • SYNOPURE 1:7High foaming concentrate based on lactic acid with added peppermint
 Pre & Post Milking Teat Dips/Sprays*

  • SYNODINE: Based on lactic acid and iodine with proven activity for up to 12 hours after application (available in 1:3 concentrate)
  • SYNODEX: Based on lactic acid with pleasant citrus odour and added limonene
  • SYNOSHIELD: Based on lactic acid with added peppermint
  • HEXSAN: Based on lactic acid with a blend of emollients
  • LAXSAN: Perfume free formulation based on lactic acid
  • TEATGUARD: Based on lactic acid and iodine with a blend of emollients
  • HEXSOLVE: Teat dip, spray or foam based on chlorhexidine
* Pre-& post-milking teat dips should be used only for post-dipping in EU countries

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