Industrial Degreasers, Descalers, Detergents & Sanitisers for Commercial Food Processing

As food supplies are increasingly sourced internationally, there is the growing concern regarding food safety and the incidence of foodborne diseases. In industrialised countries up to 30% of the population suffer from foodborne diseases each year (WHO, 2007a).

Food production is therefore increasingly regulated worldwide to ensure food quality standards are met. Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) is a prerequisite for HACCP (Hazard analysis and Critical Control Points), an auditable international standard in food production.

A well designed sanitation programme creates a pleasant work environment which encourages achievement of high quality standards, increases efficiency and discourages proliferation of microbes, insects and rodents. It also ensures that vehicles, equipment and surfaces used for food processing, packing, storage and transportation are hygienic and in good condition. Management of quality of air, water and raw materials and personnel hygiene, with particular attention to hand hygiene ensures that organisms with potential consumer health impacts are not introduced during food processing. Aside from safeguarding public health, measures to eliminate spoilage organisms help extend shelf-life of food and dairy products.

Quat-Chem holds a comprehensive range of non-tainting hygiene products for the food & beverage industry ensuring a safe food supply from farm to table.  This includes a wide range of cleaners which provide convenient, highly effective practical solutions to help meet stringent food safety standards and to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene in food processing.

  • Circulatory cleaners: for tanks and pipelines
  • Acid & alkaline detergents: low foam to high foam to suit specific manual cleaning applications
  • Bactericidal detergent-sanitisers: convenient single step cleaning of food contact surfaces.
  • Foam cleaners: convenient cleaning of vertical, difficult access and irregular surfaces
  • Industrial degreasers: alkaline cleaners for processing foods with a high fat content
  • Industrial descalers: for removal of mineral films in dairy food processing tanks and pipelines
  • Hand sanitisers: bactericidal hand soaps and hand rubs for frequent use

Prior removal of gross organic and mineral soil from food contact surfaces using industrial degreasers or an industrial descaler ensures effective sanitisation by bactericidal detergents.

Bactericidal detergent sanitisers and hand sanitisers are independently tested for bactericidal and fungicidal activity to stringent British & European (BS EN) food industry chemical disinfectant standards under conditions of high organic contamination and hard water. At recommended use dilutions, a 5-log (99.999%) bacterial kill is achieved at 20°C in under 5 min.

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