Alkaline Powder Detergent-Sanitiser for Manual Cleaning of Refrigerated Milk Tanks

A non-abrasive detergent-bactericide used for manual cleaning of refrigerated food and milk bulk storage tanks

  1. When the tank is empty, hose down all surfaces with cold water to remove loose milk residues.
  2. Close the outlet and while the tank is moist, sprinkle crystals all over the interior surfaces and lids using the following quantities:
    • 100g for 600 L tank (4oz for 150 gallon tank)
    • 125g for 1000 L tank (5oz for 250 gallon tank)
    • 150g for 1600 L tank (6oz for 400 gallon tank)
  3. With a clean soft tank brush, work up the powder into a soft paste and scrub all interior surfaces. Ensure that the corners, bung, dip stock, outlet cap outlet plugs, outlet tube, interior fittings, agitators, undersides of bridge and lids are well treated.
  4. Allow at least 10 minutes contact time before thoroughly rinsing out the tank by hosing with clean water. Allow to drain completely.

Final Rinse: It is an offence to allow chemical agents to get into milk. Therefore, after cleaning with the product and before the equipment is used again, it must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

Hypochlorite may be added to the final clean water rinse at the rate of 25mL to 40 L (1 fl. oz to 10 gallons of water), where the supply requires treatment.

Kleanze passes stringent British Standards test BS EN 1276 (quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas) at a dilution of 1:200. This means that at use dilution Kleanze can achieve a 100,000-fold reduction in bacterial populations with only 5 min contact time, under dirty and hard water conditions. For pre-cleaned items the same bacterial kill can be achieved at much lower concentrations. Kleanze passes BS EN 1656 with 1 min contact time.

Appearance Pink powder
Composition Hypochlorites, tri sodium phosphate, mild alkaline detergents
Odour Slight chlorine
Pack Size 5 L, 25 L, 200kg & 1000kg IBC

The information contained in this data sheet is believed to be accurate, but customers are advised to ensure that the product is suitable for their own purpose before they use it.

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