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The need for cleanliness and good hygiene in the public sphere is well recognised by both consumers and professional cleaning and hygiene specialists.

Office buildings, apartment complexes, factories and warehouses need to be clean, safe, and free of pests. The transmission of infectious disease through contact with hard surfaces in high traffic public and recreational areas and the public transportation system can be readily prevented through the use of industrial cleaning chemicals and industrial disinfectant products. Maintaining a high standard of public sector hygiene through the removal of waste is also essential in discouraging disease carrying insects and rodents. Waste can harbour pathogens or provide a source of food for insects and rodents.

Outdoor areas also require protection from organisms such as algae and moss which can present slip hazards on public paths and other outdoor hard surfaces. Algaecides and moss removers are industrial cleaning chemicals which are widely used to protect public areas, architecture and masonry, and horticultural infrastructure such as greenhouses.

As food items and consumer products are increasingly traded internationally, goods also need to be protected from accidental contamination along the entire distribution system by decontamination of packaging, shipping containers, warehouses and storage depots, delivery vehicles and commercial units.

A complete range of industrial and commercial cleaning chemicals and industrial disinfectants are also available for laundry, dishwashing, pool care, floor care solutions and much more to help ensure sanitary and efficient operations.

Quat-Chem manufactures and supplies a diverse range of highly specialised industrial, municipal and domestic cleaning products and industrial disinfectants. The Industrial & Institutional range provides effective practical hygiene solutions for the control of micro-organisms to safeguard the public in their recreational, residential and work environments.

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