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Neogen® holds a comprehensive range of broad-spectrum disinfectants for infectious disease management in poultry farming.

Controlling disease in poultry production is essential; the direct costs of mortality as a result of disease are immediately evident. Poultry diseases, such as highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), are highly contagious. HPAI causes high mortality rates and can traverse the globe rapidly, having a devastating impact on the poultry industry and economies worldwide.

Preventative biosecurity is now accepted as a pre-requisite to poultry production, with producers worldwide taking the necessary steps to institute strict biosecurity programmes to exclude disease causing organisms from farm environments.

Terminal disinfection is the single most effective part of an all-in, all-out production programme, and is critical in ensuring a healthy start for a new flock of broiler chicks. The programme involves careful removal of poultry waste and litter, followed by intensive cleaning and disinfection of housing, vehicles and equipment to eliminate infectious organisms or reduce their populations to non-infective levels. A good terminal hygiene programme starting with pre-cleaning using a quality detergent removes dirt and associated organisms which then ensures maximum performance of the disinfectant used. 

Minimising environmental pathogen populations in poultry housing during the growth period through continuous disinfection reduces the possibility of the immune system becoming overwhelmed. This can provide better performance of vaccines and reduce veterinary pharmaceutical usage and associated residues in poultry meat and eggs. Biosecurity and preventive hygiene support compliance with food safety industry standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points).

An informed selection of a poultry disinfectant independently tested for efficacy against common pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, coccidia and spores is critical in breaking the cycle of infection in poultry production. The use of high-level broad-spectrum virucidal disinfectants within a biosecurity programme is critical to eliminate disease causing pathogens in farms and prevent re-infection of subsequent batches of poultry. 

Other routine farm practices such as hand sanitisation, control of aerial respiratory transmission, management of manure and litter, water sanitisation and pest control prevent the horizontal transmission of disease which can spread rapidly through the flock under production conditions.

Our disinfectant products are independently tested to offer the highest level of protection against infectious poultry diseases without risk to users and poultry. The stability and efficacy of our products are tested under farming conditions such as high levels of organic contamination, hardwater conditions and winter temperatures; all important considerations when choosing a poultry disinfectant.

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