QC Black Disinfectant 34/36

Powerful Traditional Black Disinfectant

Coal Tar Derivatives in an Emulsifiable Base

  • Heavy duty disinfectant with Rideal-Walker coefficient of 34/36
  • Powerful fungicidal, bactericidal & tuberculocidal activity
  • Strong phenolic protection against lipid viruses (HIV, Hep B)
  • Product emulsifies on dilution with water
  • Ideally suited for use in highly contaminated areas
  • Retains activity in the presence of high organic loading
  • Strong lingering odour at use dilution
  • Highly effective in combatting foul odours
  • Finished product – ready to package

General purpose heavy duty disinfectant for the routine disinfection of a variety of applications including industrial, agricultural, domestic and public institutions. Ideally suited for use where the degree of contamination and organic loading is likely to be high, e.g. drains, lavatories, high density animal housing.

Standard Dilution: 1 in 250 dilution (20 mL in 5 L water). For cleaning and general disinfection of floors, yards, glazed tiles, lavatories, sinks, outhouses, in domestic and public buildings.

*Do not use near or on surfaces likely to come into contact with food materials.

Infection Control: 1 in 200 dilution (20 mL in 4 L water). For control of contagious or infectious diseases and neutralisation of potentially biohazardous matter on hard surfaces. Use in foot dips, for mopping floors and disinfecting equipment and utensils.

Drain Maintenance: Pour 20mL neat Black Disinfectant 34/36 into drains to prevent odour problems.

Disinfection of Concrete and Stone Floors: Rub in neat Black Disinfectant 34/36 into floors by scrubbing with a stiff brush and rinse away with plenty of water. Some discolouration might occur on absorbent surfaces.

Do not use Black Disinfectant 34/36 on asphalt, bitumen or tarmac surfaces.

Proven efficacy at 34/36 when tested in accordance with British Standard BS541.

Composition Phenolic blend, neutral oils & emulsifiers
Appearance Opaque black liquid
Odour Strong phenolic
Density 0.97 – 1.05 g/mL
pH Value 9 – 11
Pack Size 5 L, 25 L, 200kg & 1000kg IBC

The information contained in this page is believed to be accurate, but customers are advised to ensure that the product is suitable for their own purpose before they use it.

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