Viroxide Super

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A Powerful Virucidal 'Multiple Biocide' Disinfectant

Based on Peroxymono Sulphate

Viroxide Super was developed to offer farms the highest level of protection against diseases at an affordable cost and without risk to users and animals. Viroxide Super is now used in over 25 countries and approved by authorities around the world.

  • Full spectrum protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, moulds & spores
  • Proven effectiveness under stringent conditions specified by British-European (BS EN) standards
  • Proven virucidal activity under farmyard conditions
  • Powerful detergent system for single-step cleaning & disinfection
  • Safe for use in presence of livestock
  • Suitable for sanitation of livestock drinking water
  • Rapid oxidative removal of bio-organic films & hard water mineral deposits
  • Contains unique 'ready-to-use' indicator
  • Odour-free & non-tainting: ideal for use in meat & dairy processing plants
  • Non-corrosive at use dilutions
  • Improved performance under hard water conditions

A Single Step Application of Viroxide Super Provides

  • Highest level of disinfection
  • Removal of dirt & biofilm
  • Removal of stains from surfaces (ceramics, plastics, etc)
  • Descaling of hard-water films & deposits
ApplicationUse DilutionDirections

Hard surface disinfection

1:200 – 1:250 (4-5g/L)

  1. Pre-clean: Damp down and sweep up all loose debris. Use a high-pressure surface washer to remove visible dirt starting from the roof space working down.
  2. Apply using a low-pressure washer set to wide angled spray to achieve full surface coverage.
  3. Allow 15-20 minutes contact time and rinse using clean water.

Equipment, feeders, drinkers

1:250 (4g/L)

Dismantle and immerse equipment, feeders, drinkers for ~ 30 minutes in dip tank containing Viroxide Super, scrub to remove visual contamination, rinse in clean water and allow to dry.

Foot dips

1:200 (5g/L)

Replenish at least twice weekly, or replace contents sooner if gross contamination occurs.

Drinking water system

1:100 (10g/L)

Drinking water can be a source of disease causing pathogens. Water tanks and pipelines are highly susceptible to biofilm. To ensure safe water quality, the entire drinking water system requires disinfection before restocking.

  1. Drain water tank and isolate from drinking water system.
  2. Remove any biological sludge and mineral deposits from the tank. Manually clean tank using 1:200 solution of Viroxide Super and drain.
  3. Re-apply 1:200 solution to walls of tank with a minimum contact time of 30 minutes before rinsing with clean water.
  4. Flush drinking water pipelines through using high-pressure to remove sediment.
  5. Refill tank with enough water to fill entire plumbing system, adding sufficient pre-dissolved Viroxide Super solution to give a final concentration of 1:100.
  6. Run 1:100 Viroxide Super solution to ensure disinfectant fills all piping leading to the drinkers.
  7. Allow 1-2 hours for disinfection and descaling, drain and flush out with fresh water. In severe hardwater areas, leave overnight if necessary, and flush through using clean water.

Poultry drinking water treatment


Viroxide Super also acts as an acidifier for poultry drinking water. Continuous treatment will prevent pipes becoming lined with biofilm and mineral deposits. Use 400-500g Viroxide Super (pre-dissolved in 10 L) for every 1000 L drinking water.

Aerial application – misting

1:200 (5g/L)

Viroxide Super is safe to use in the presence of poultry. Spray housing units at the end of each day to offer extra protection during high risk of respiratory disease.

Terminal fumigation

1:50 (20g/L)

Provides a safer alternative to formaldehyde fumigation of poultry housing following terminal disinfection.

  1. Seal all doors and air inlets in the poultry housing
  2. Prepare fogging solution for thermal fogging:
    - Dissolve 1.5kg Viroxide Super in 4L water
    - Add 4L formalin
    - Add 2L diesel
    * 10L is sufficient to give a dense fog for 2000m² floor are
  3. Using respiratory equipment, set up fogger and commence fogging
  4. Seal poultry housing and post appropriate warning signs
  5. Rinse out equipment after use
  6. Aerate the poultry housing/hatchery for 1-2 hours before re-entry/restocking

For hatchery user directions please click here

A buffered blend of inorganic peroxygen compounds
Free flowing grey-pink powder
Characteristic – chlorine
pH Value
1.5 – 3.0
Pack Size
2.5kg, 5kg Tub

The information contained in this data sheet is believed to be accurate, but customers are advised to ensure that the product is suitable for their own purpose before they use it.

Drinking Water Sanitisation

Hyperoxsan Viroxide Super Peraguard

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