Blanket Foam Disinfectant based on Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

For routine sanitisation of surfaces & equipment in:

  • Abattoirs & meat processing plants
  • Hatcheries & poultry farming
  • Food processing plants
  • Livestock agriculture
  • Plants handling milk & dairy
  • Catering establishments

Foamsan is a single-step routine cleaner-sanitiser.
Removal of gross soiling by pre-cleaning/scrubbing is advised where necessary.
Allow 10-25 minutes contact time before rinsing off with clean water.

Blanket foam applications: Use a dilution of 1:50 to 1:100 using a foam generating lance for increasing contact time on vertical, angled surfaces and conveyor systems.

High pressure cleaning: Use a dilution of 1:300 for heavily soiled locations, hatchers, trolleys, trays, take off area, chick holding locations, etc. and pressure sanitisation of floors, tiles, walls, refuse bins, service areas.

Low pressure spray applications: Dilute 1:300.

Sanitisation of equipment: Prepare daily a fresh 1:300 solution for soak tank or immersion cleaning.

Passes stringent quantitative British-European standard test protocols:
BS EN 1276 evaluation of bactericidal activity of disinfectants used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas.

Composition A potentiated blend of quaternary ammonium compounds in a unique detergent/surfactant system
Appearance Clear pale yellow liquid
Odour slight citrus
Density 1.11 (±0.05) g/mL
pH (1% sol) 10.0 – 11.0
Pack size 5 L, 25 L, 200kg, 1000kg IBC

The information contained in this page is believed to be accurate, but customers are advised to ensure that the product is suitable for their own purpose before they use it.

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