Alkaline Detergent-Sanitiser for Use in Hatchery Hygiene Programmes

  • Effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts & moulds
  • Heavy duty sanitiser for egg trays, setter trays and check crates
  • Safe to use near all types of livestock
  • Non-corrosive
  • Particularly effective removing animal deposits from all types of surfaces
  • Non-toxic at recommended use dilutions

Cleaning Out of Incubator: Incubator trays and removable fittings should be cleaned, washed, and disinfected each time they are used. To minimize the dispersal of dust and associated pathogens, vacuum cleaning should be employed where possible. All other equipment and surfaces coming in contact with the eggs should be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals as outlined below. This includes trays, trolleys and containers used for transportation or storage of eggs.

Cleaning of Hatcher Trolleys and Trays: For stubborn stains, pre-soak trays for at least 20 min in a Traysan dilution of 1 in 75 (40 mL for every 3 L warm water). This will improve the efficiency of all cleaning operations. Rinse with water, and apply a final disinfecting dilution of Traysan at a 1 in 500 (10 mL for every 5 L) to pre-cleaned surfaces. A manual jet wash system may be used for cleaning/application.

General Cleaning of Premises: Floors, walls, tiles, bins, external service areas and interior of transportation vehicles. Dilute range is 1 in 75 to 1 in 50 (40-60 mL for every 3 L) depending upon level of soiling.

Immersion Cleaning of Equipment: For regular cleaning, prepare daily solution of 1 in 200 (5 mL per L) in a clean tank. Soak item for 10 minutes, scrub to clean and rinse with clean water.

Composition Blend of quaternary ammonium compounds and detergents
Appearance Clear liquid
pH Value ~10
Density ~0.98kg/m³
Odour Odour Free
Miscibility Miscible with water in all proportions
Pack Size 5 L, 25 L, 200kg & 1000kg IBC

The information contained in this page is believed to be accurate, but customers are advised to ensure that the product is suitable for their own purpose before they use it.

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