Benzalkonium Chloride Solutions

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  • BC50: 50% Benzalkonium Chloride Solutions
  • BC50: Low foam
  • BC80: 80% Benzalkonium Chloride Solutions
  • BC80: Low foam
  • BAC70 WLF: Winterised, low foam oilfield biocide

Benzalkonium Chloride Solutions can be tailored to your specific industrial requirements.

Please CONTACT US for variations on concentration, solvents and other additives.


Benzalkonium chloride is a member of the quaternary ammonium class of biocides, recognised for its dual biocidal and detergency properties. Its biocidal efficacy depends on its capacity to act as a cationic surfactant in binding to and disrupting cellular and intracellular membranes, and associated biochemical processes. Functions such as cell adhesion, cell signaling, selective permeability to ions and nutritional organic molecules ensure cellular survival through its ability to interact with and respond effectively to environmental stimuli. Disruption of these processes ensures a high level of activity against bacteria, algae, fungi and enveloped viruses at exceptionally low concentrations. BC50 passes stringent BS EN 1276 microbicidal testing (high organic contamination, hard water conditions) at a dilution of 1:1250, giving a 5-log kill (1:100,000 bacterial survival) against a range of the most problematic organisms.


Benzalkonium chloride is widely used in the formulation of disinfectants and cleaner-sanitisers for the hospital, livestock, food & dairy and personal hygiene sectors.

  • Offers rapid, safe, powerful antimicrobial activity at low ppm
  • Strong detergency ensures ease of removal of organic soil which harbours microbes
  • Ease of formulation for biocidal activity under high organic contamination conditions
  • Compatible with non-ionic, amphoteric and cationic surface-active agents
  • Displays synergistic activity with other classes of biocide & excipients
  • Retains activity in highly acid to highly alkaline formulations
  • High molecular stability with retention of activity at extremes of temperature
  • Lends itself well to formulation optimisation for hard water conditions
  • Retains biocidal activity in aqueous and organic solvents
  • Benzalkonium chloride disinfectants are non-toxic, non-tainting & odour-free at typical use dilutions

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Quaternary ammonium compounds display a high level of biodegradability when tested in accordance with OECD test protocol 301C. It is not known to accumulate in the natural environment under normal use conditions. Like all detergents, ADBAC is highly toxic to marine organisms under laboratory conditions, but does not bio-accumulate in organisms. In the natural environment it is readily deactivated by clays and humic substances which neutralises its aquatic toxicity and prevent its migration across environmental compartments.

Synonyms: Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, ADBAC, BC50, BAC 50, BKC 50, BC80, BAC 80, BKC 80


Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (CAS no. 68424-85-1) has been pre-registered under REACH regulation and notified under the Biocidal Product Directive 98/8/EC (ref: N501).

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