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The use of a Quat-Chem disinfectant concentrate or detergent concentrate offers numerous advantages including economical shipping, the elimination of concerns about raw material quality, compatibility & stability, and problem-free manufacturing of hygiene products by simple dilution in demineralised water.

Our investment in product development and ability to source raw materials of the highest quality offers small companies with access to blending & packaging facilities the opportunity for rapid product range expansion and diversification, hence fast track entry into the hygiene market with fully tested products. In many instances, manufacture of hygiene product using a disinfectant concentrate or a detergent concentrate enables companies to rapidly achieve a competitive edge through product range diversification and expansion of their customer bases.

Over the last 18 years we have established a strong team of specialists in their particular fields. Our technical department can therefore provide a personalised and highly professional support service where required to support the manufacturing requirement of our customers. Our scientists are continuously involved in tailoring products to specific customer requirements and developing new formulations to meet ever-changing global demands. Meeting your requirements through our investment in research and development is an embedded philosophy within Quat-Chem which has resulted in bringing about innovative product solutions which have served to underpin the growth of the company.

There is total commitment on our part to uphold exceptional standards of quality, as well as to provide cost-effective infection control solutions. We are committed to taking a broad view of the impact of our products and services on the environment. Safety, security, health and environment protection are paramount considerations in the production of our solutions.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements of the disinfectant concentrate or detergent concentrate of interest with our team of experts on mail@quatchem.co.uk or +44 (0)1706 344 797.

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