An increase in antibiotic resistant E.coli in British Chicken

October 4th 2016

An increase in antibiotic resistant E.coli in British Chicken

A study, conducted by researchers from Cambridge university, found that a quarter of British chicken in major supermarkets contained antibiotic-resistant E. coli. 

The wide usage of antibiotics as growth promoters in poultry and livestock agriculture is a cause for serious concern to the public. The grounds for limiting the use to treatment rather than prevention of in livestock agriculture are increasing as meat and processed foods are increasingly contaminated by antibiotic resistant bacteria. As meat with low levels of antibiotic residues is consumed, it promotes the growth of resistant bacteria which are unresponsive to antibiotics and difficult to control. E. coli has been linked to more than 5,500 deaths in England last year, according to Public Health England. It is essential that farmers protect their livestock healthy and protected from exposure to pathogens during their growth phase without excessive reliance on antibiotics.

A healthy flock/herd can be managed by incorporating a strict farm biosecurity programme, which involves preventing access of harmful pathogens onto the farm and promoting good hygiene by the use of high level disinfectants on the farm. Quat-Chem disinfectant ranges for poultry & livestock agriculture are designed to destroy harmful microorganisms, such as E. coli and Salmonella. Not only do agricultural disinfectants with proven efficacy prevent infections taking hold, they have a direct effect protecting our food supply and safeguarding human health by reducing antibiotic residues in meat and eggs we consume daily.


To read more on this story (source): World Poultry, 2016.

For more about Quat-Chem products: PoultryLivestock 

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