Black Extreme Disinfectant Reformulation

March 25th 2019

Black Extreme Disinfectant Reformulation

Black Extreme is a heavy-duty blend of chloroxylenols and creosols. In order to comply with current regulatory requirements, the Black Extreme, disinfectant by Quat-Chem, a Neogen® company, has been reformulated.

Since the acquisition of Quat-Chem Ltd. by Neogen, major milestones are being reached. Quat-Chem Ltd., with the new support of Neogen, is investing in new product formulations and regulatory approvals.

The reformulation uses raw materials which meet new regulatory requirements; and ensures improved product longevity with security of supply.

The new Black Extreme formulation contains the following product characteristics:

  • Odour: more ‘clinical’ rather than the traditional ‘tar’ smell of the previous formulation
  • Concentrate colour: black
  • Diluted colour: black/grey

Contact us with any questions regarding Black Extreme and other disinfectants for use as part of an on-farm biosecurity program.

Product not registered for use in the United Kingdom, the European Union and some other countries. Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.

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