Synergy Range Ready to Launch in U.S

May 3rd 2016

International Success Prompts Launch of Quat-Chem's Innovative Teat Sanitisers in the U.S

dairy-teat-sanitizersAfter successfully listing its Teat Sanitizers with the FDA, Quat-Chem is ready to launch its ‘Synergy’ range in the United States. The Company seeks to establish relationships with distribution partners throughout the US.

The unique Synergy pre- and post milking teat sanitizers are engineered to meet the challenges of modern dairy farming with the aim to improve teat condition, prevent chemical and microbial contamination of the milk supply, provide residual on-farm protection between milking periods and provide the highest level of protection against mastitis causing pathogens.

The Synergy range was developed to protect the health of dairy cows, which is key to maintaining milk quality and volumes. Mastitis is a painful disease, and as farmers worldwide are acutely aware, its impact on dairy profitability can be equally painful if not managed. The annual costs of mastitis to the U.S dairy industry is ~ $1.7 billion, and an estimated $200 per cow.

The innovative attribute of the Synergy teat sanitizers is the use of multiple, food-safe biocides. The synergistic use of biocides can provide impressive germicidal efficacy at lower concentrations which reduces both chemical irritancy to the cow and residues in milk.

Deterioration in teat skin and teat end condition is an inevitable outcome of frequent milking, and leaves the cows susceptible to teat/udder infections. Quat-Chem’s teat sanitizers incorporate exfoliants and high levels of emollients to remove encrustations of damaged skin and prevent cracking, keeping teats supple.

The Synergy teat sanitizers were independently tested for efficacy against mastitis causing organisms in accordance with British & European BS-EN standards, followed by field-trials in farms in the UK & Ireland in 2010. In spite of farmers’ resistance to change, trials achieved a high rate of conversion from traditional teat dips, with excellent feedback from the Dairy community. The Synergy range now has a proven history of efficacious use in a wide variety of overseas markets, this success has now prompted the Company to launch its teat sanitizers in the U.S.

Quat-Chem teat sanitizers are FDA listed, and the Company now seeks to establish a network of distribution partners throughout the United States. Please contact our friendly team for more information on becoming a distributor of Quat-Chem products.

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