Disinfectant effective against African Swine Fever: Neogen® Viroxide Super

March 15th 2019

Disinfectant effective against African Swine Fever: Neogen® Viroxide Super

Neogen® Viroxide Super, developed by Quat-Chem Ltd in the United Kingdom, is now proven effective against the causative virus of African Swine Fever (ASF).

ASF is on the OIE A list of notifiable diseases and has no known current effective treatment. The disease is of global concern to pig and pork producers due to its devastating impact on productivity, mortality and the severe financial implications, including an inability to sell pork products.

Since the start of 2018, the OIE has reported new outbreaks in parts of Asia and Eastern Europe in addition to endemic cases in Sub-Saharan Africa. With no known effective treatment, effective biosecurity measures are vital to prevent the spread of ASF.

Neogen Viroxide Super is a broad spectrum disinfectant proven effective against the ASF virus, which can be used as part of an effective biosecurity protocol for terminal disinfection, continuous disinfection and for emergency disease control on pig farms.

Quat-Chem Ltd, with the support of Neogen, has undertaken continual investment in the efficacy testing of Neogen Viroxide Super, to provide pig farmers with a market leading disinfectant for all areas of a pig farm. Neogen Viroxide Super is DEFRA Approved for FMD, SVD and General Orders; and can be used for disinfection of pig housing, equipment, vehicles, foot dips and aerial fogging and misting applications.

For more information about Neogen Viroxide Super, contact us or visit animalsafety.neogen.com.

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