Product Focus: Hatch Cleanser

February 12th 2015

Improve Hatchery Performance with Hatch Cleanser: Detergent-Sanitiser with Proven Bactericidal and Fungicidal Activity

It is well recognised that the commercial performance of the poultry industry hinges on preventive hygiene measures. Breaking the cycle of egg-laying bird infections through vaccination and strict hygiene measures in poultry housing is critical. Vertical salmonella infections are of particular concern for hatchery managers.

Hatchery hygiene to prevent environmental contamination of the egg surface is a key determinant in hatchability and quality of day old chicks. Extensive organic and microbial contamination in the hatchery environment poses an exceptional hygiene challenge. Exploding infected eggs can cause widespread hatchery contamination and high chick mortality. This is due to respiratory aspergillosis and omphalitis which can cause substantial losses, with subsequent broiler losses due to sub-optimal chick quality.

Elimination of bacteria and fungi in the hatchery environment is critical to improve hatchability and ensure high chick quality. Quat-Chem’s Hatch Cleanser is an all-purpose detergent-sanitiser conforming to BS-EN food industry standards. It offers safe heavy duty cleaning of hatchers and incubators with proven activity against organisms of concern in the hatchery environment.

Dr Rubinah Chowdhary, Technical Director at Quat-Chem told International Hatchery Practice: “It is our aim to provide our customers with quality, cost-effective solutions for the highest level of protection.”

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