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March 4th 2015

Total Hoof Protection With Hoofshield

Digital dermatitis in dairy cattle is present on most farms and severely impacts the dairy industry worldwide. It is associated with serious discomfort and painful lesions around the hoof, eventually leading to lameness. Lameness limits the cow’s ability to stand long enough to allow feeding and milking, and can cause a marked decline in animal health, with milk output reduced by up to 50%. A single case of lameness can cost the farmer as much as £180.

Traditionally, formalin was used to prevent hoof disease in cows. It is however, a harsh chemical which can be painful on raw lesions, increasing stress levels in cattle. Formalin also causes severe allergic reactions, irritation of the skin and the respiratory tract. There is now undeniable evidence that formalin causes neurotoxicity through inhalation and skin absorption, and may cause cancer. Formalin evaporates readily from footbaths therefore, poses a severe chronic threat to workers in the farm environment. Consequently, it is increasingly banned from work environments, including farms, so many farmers are seeking an alternative.

In response, as part of our innovative dairy hygiene range, Quat-Chem has developed a formalin-free formulation to safeguard farm workers and livestock. Hoofshield provides a ‘complete lameness prevention programme’, and consists of a powerful blend of synergistic biocides and hoof hardeners, formulated with surfactants for effective cleaning and penetration. Hoofshield is also highly concentrated, offering substantial cost benefits to the farmer. Additionally, Hoofshield colours the hoof blue to provide a visual indication of treatment.

A UK dairy farmer who recently trialled the product noted, “Products I have used in the past have caused burns and irritation. Hoofshield is noticeably milder, and I am already seeing a difference in overall hoof health.”

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