Product Focus: Viroxide Super

November 17th 2014

Viroxide Super: High Level Protection Against Infectious Viral Disease

The devastating impact of poultry viral pandemics such as Avian Flu is felt beyond farm economics, having worldwide implications on consumer health, food safety and supply. The prolonged persistence of viruses under poultry farming conditions causes recurring infections in flocks. Viral infection can leave birds immuno-suppressed and susceptible to other opportunistic pathogens. Preventing mortality and sub-clinical disease therefore requires reduction of all environmental pathogens through the use of approved virucidal disinfectants within a strict biosecurity programme.

Formulation of disinfectants is a science. Most disinfectants fail under farmyard conditions due to immediate deactivation on contact with organic matter or hard water used for dilution.

Viroxide Super, a premier Quat-Chem product, is a peroxygen-based powder disinfectant providing the highest level of protection against viral disease. Viroxide Super is further tested against a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria and fungi known to impact on profitability of commercial livestock and poultry stocks.

Viroxide Super is formulated for:

  • Broad spectral efficacy under poultry farming conditions
  • Single-step cleaning and disinfection
  • Effective removal of dirt and biofilm
  • Prevention of build-up of stains and hard-water films
  • Non-corrosivity under recommended use conditions
  • Manual, machine and aerial fogging applications
  • Safe use in the presence of poultry Quat-Chem holds a comprehensive range of Virucidal disinfectants for infectious disease management in Poultry farming. For more information email us.

Article written by Dr Rubinah Chowdhary, Scientific Director, Quat-Chem Ltd.

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