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May 30th 2019

Optimising teat condition with a lactic acid dip or spray.

Teat skin condition is paramount for effective milking and should form part of a dairy farm mastitis plan. Smooth, supple teat skin, with no lesions, cracks or rough areas provides a natural barrier against mastitis causing bacteria.

Mastitis is a major endemic problem in dairy cows presenting as an inflammation of the mammary gland and udder tissue. Most cases of mastitis can be treated successfully, however mastitis can cause damage to the udder tissue, which results in a reduction in milk yields, sometimes permanently.

In addition to the welfare of the cow, there are economic benefits for keeping skin in optimal condition to prevent mastitis cases. Economic losses may result from veterinary costs incurred through treating a mastitis case; and the cost of disposing of contaminated milk, which must be discarded due to contamination with medicines.

Optimising teat condition with a lactic acid dip or spray.

Lactic acid teat dips and sprays such as Synodex are organic acid based, offering broad spectrum biocidal properties, which act by disrupting the cell membrane of bacteria and in some cases, may inactivate some essential enzymes. Lactic acid acts as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells; and a humectant, helping to retain moisture within the skin tissue. Skin conditioning is further enhanced by high levels of emollients including lanolin in the teat dip formulation.

Synodex: Proven to optimise skin condition and control mastitis cases

Synodex was recently tested on farm to compare teat skin condition against a more traditional iodine formulation. The trial resulted in:

  • Optimised skin condition
  • Minimised veterinary intervention
  • Control of mastitis causing bacteria
  • Stabilised somatic cell count and Bactoscan

Download the full farm trial study to learn more about the trial and results.

To control mastitis, a plan specific to the farm’s needs and circumstances should be implemented. The mastitis plan may require an alternative active ingredient to lactic acid, such as iodine or iodine-lactic acid blend, depending on the prevalent mastitis causing micro-organism. Neogen offers a range of teat dips, foams and sprays with these actives, to suit all dairy farm teat hygiene challenges and conditions.

For more information about the benefits of lactic acid teat dips including Synodex, please contact us.

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